Wellbeing support within college

Below find out about specific wellbeing support within college and to access the self help area and other useful materials designed by our internal college counsellors
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At Blackpool Sixth we take our student and staff wellbeing extremely seriously and have set up a wellbeing taskforce to support all members of our college community with their wellbeing in order to ensure that they ‘Thrive’.

Each member of our task force has a designated duty to support our inclusive aims and allow everybody the skills and opportunity to succeed.

Principal function: To be points of contact for staff/students in college for wellbeing queries and concerns and be able to advise staff on the most appropriate forms of action. As well as developing and delivering college wide wellbeing activities throughout the year.

David Williams – College lead for student wellbeing and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Curtis Jackson – College lead for staff wellbeing and Designated Safeguarding Person

Alex Gardner – ‘Thrive’ and wellbeing champion and Designated Safeguarding Person

Nicola Kelly – Social media, website producer and wellbeing champion

Annmaria John – Staff wellbeing champion

Lucy Doyle – Students with SEND wellbeing champion

Rebecca Lawson – Pastoral wellbeing champion

Carey Guite – Welfare Officer

Debbie Lindsay – Pastoral welfare champion

Julie Halliwell – FYI and Library wellbeing champion

Sam Brown – Curriculum wellbeing champion



6Xtra is our extracurricular activity programme, it works around a student’s weekly academic timetable to enrich students’ learning and development. 6Xtra is a great opportunity to further an existing interest, take up a new challenge, make friends and have fun.
Scan the QR code on the left to see the latest timetable for 6xtra.

Our activities can contribute to personal and social development, whilst developing important skills such as commitment, good citizenship, initiative, leadership and team spirit, all of interest to employers and universities.


Our 6Xtra programme is split into three sections

  • Core Enrichment
  • Clubs and societies
  • Sports Academies

We are excited to introduce a new element to our offer; 6Xtra On Demand.

Below you will find a series of health and fitness video links from 6xtra that you can access any time, any place.

The programme also offers the chance to develop an existing skill or learn something new. CLICK HERE to view the full programme.

British Army Fitness Workout (20 minutes)

Freestyle Football Moves/Tricks (10 minutes)

Yoga for Beginners with Adriene (23 minutes)

HIIT Workout for beginners with Joe Wicks (22 minutes)

Bollywood Dancing with Manpreet (13 minutes)

Guided Meditation with Kassandra (15 minutes)