Blackpool Sixth Enrolment 2020 (20/21/24 August)


We have now closed the Enrolment Portal.  If you are an applicant looking to enrol but haven’t yet provided results evidence or confirmed your course choices, please send this via email to

If you haven’t yet applied to Blackpool Sixth but are interested in joining us please contact us by email at , please provide details of your GCSE results and the courses you are interested in taking.


Enrolment 2020

We will be enrolling new students on Thursday 20th (afternoon only), Friday 21st and Monday 24th August 2020.  This year, in keeping with the need to maintain social distancing, we will be enrolling by phone and online wherever possible.  This means that we will be in contact with you through email and telephone to carry out your enrolment and deal with any questions that you might have. There may be some cases in which a face-to-face meeting may be needed but we will contact you to arrange if that is required.

The enrolment process – an overview for applicants

Please note that throughout the enrolment period, we will only be able to see people at college who have a pre-arranged appointment.  Also, we are having to limit the number of visitors to the college, so we will only be able to admit one adult who is there to assist the student seeking to enrol i.e a parent/carer/support worker.   

If you have already applied to join the college, we will contact you in the second week of August with an email outlining the process.  

We then need you to access the enrolment portal using the link given in the enrolment portal section below. You will need the log-in details you will have been provided with.  

Using this portal, please check and (if necessary) update the information from your application form and also, wherever possible, supply some important pieces of evidence such as proof of identity and (on GCSE results day itself) evidence of your results. Doing this will speed up the enrolment process and make everything run more smoothly for you.  There are further details about this in the section below about the enrolment portal. If you do have any difficulties with supplying or checking your information, please don’t worry as we will provide any help you need to do this.

Wherever possible we will look to complete as much of your enrolment without needing to phone you.  In cases where we have your results evidence and you have confirmed your subject choices and you have qualified for all your courses, we will send a confirmation email.  We will follow this up with a phone call within a week as a further welcome to the college and double-check that everything is in place for you starting with us . 

In cases where we don’t have all the information we need or we need to discuss your study programme in more detail, then we will go through all of this over the phone. We will then send the confirmation email once your enrolment has been completed.

Throughout the enrolment period, there will be plenty of support at hand from our Advice and Guidance team, Additional Learning Support Team and others to make sure that you have all the help you need to finalise your subject choices and enrol successfully at Blackpool Sixth.

Please note that we will not be able to enrol you until you have received your results for your GCSEs (and other similar qualifications).  Your school will inform you about the arrangements for obtaining your results. If you finished Year 11 last year then you will need to supply evidence of your full set of results for the enrolment. 

Not yet applied but interested in joining us?

If you haven’t yet applied to join the college but would like to do so, please contact the Admissions Team at and we will talk you through the application process.  

If you decide on one of the enrolment days you are interested in joining us and haven’t yet applied, please call our Enrolment Hotline number: 01253 307097

Getting ready for enrolment

Below is some key information you will need to read before enrolment.  Reading this information will ensure that you are aware of what you need to have ready for enrolment. 

Identity information 

Please note that as part of enrolment you will need to provide evidence of your identity.

This can be in the form of your passport or the long version of your birth certificate. 

Why do you need to provide ID? 

You will need to provide evidence of your identity at enrolment, as we are required to use your legal name and date of birth as it appears on the ID evidence you present to confirm you are eligible for funding to the Education and Skills Funding Agency and to provide your legal name and date of birth to the examination awarding boards. 

What ID does the college accept? 

We will accept either a passport or long version of a birth certificate (includes parent details). If you have changed your legal name we would also need to see your Change of Name Deed document. How can I obtain a long birth certificate? You can apply online at:  or telephone the General Register Office contact centre on (0)300 123 1837 (Mon to Fri 8am – 8pm and Sat 9am -4pm)

How much does a Long Birth Certificate cost?

To find the GRO (General Register Office) index, which will mean you receive the document more quickly, try 

What if my passport has expired? 

We will accept an expired passport if we can confirm from the photograph that you are the rightful holder. If not we may ask for additional supporting evidence to confirm your ID. 

How can I change my legal name? 

If you are a British citizen aged 16 or over, all you need to legally change your name is to sign a legal declaration called a Change of Name Deed in both your old and new names in front of independent witnesses. 

If you are under 18, all those with parental responsibility will need to agree to the change of name if you require it to be enrolled with the courts as a public record of the name change. For further information, visit the website: 

There are a number of websites offering a change of name service for a fee but you can download the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) forms for free from the government website: 

The MOJ forms are intended for enrolling in the courts, which provides a public record of a person’s name change. However, you can still use their forms even if you do not intend to enrol it as you aren’t legally required to do so. 

What can I do if I am having difficulties obtaining ID? 

Before enrolment please contact the college Admissions team ( and after enrolment contact the MIS team (

Enrolment Portal – providing and checking your enrolment information

(Please note: the Enrolment Portal is now closed – please see the message at the top of this page about what to do if you are looking to supply results information and confirm your course choices)

Personal details 

In early August you will receive an email asking you to access the Enrolment Data Portal where you are invited to check all of the personal details we hold about you. This is the information you provided at application and the college would like you to check the information to ensure it is accurate. The data check is easy to do and once you are logged in the screen information will guide you through the process.

It would be helpful if you could have scanned copies of your ID and digital photographs available before you start. Further information about these in the next few paragraphs.

It is important to complete this data check as soon as you can and before results day so we can focus on your course choices at Blackpool Sixth.

ID documentation

You will be asked to upload a copy of your ID to the portal. If you are able to scan the document and upload it that is ideal. If not please take a picture so as we can see the information to confirm your legal name, date of birth and the document number. We do not routinely keep this information and the documents will be destroyed once we have confirmed your identity. If however, you are an overseas student, we may retain the information for funding purposes.


Every student will be issued with a college membership card at the start of term and it needs to have your photograph on. If you are able to, we would like you to upload a digital photograph of yourself. This needs to be passport style, head and shoulders with a blank background and all the usual rules of no hats, sunglasses, funny faces etc. There will be an opportunity to have your photograph taken once you start college but it would be great to have your photo earlier so you can concentrate on meeting your teachers and finding out about your courses when you start.

Results evidence

On Results Day, Thursday 20th August, we would like you to share your results information with us and as quickly as you are able to. You are asked to access the Enrolment Data Portal once you have received your results and upload a copy of your results slip(s). If you received an email with attachments containing your results please upload these. If you received hard copies please take photographs and upload them to the portal. Remember we need to be able to read all of the information clearly. 

Help with providing or checking your information

If you need any help with the Data Portal process or you have any questions please contact us on or on 01253 394911 (we will only be able to take phone enquiries from 17th August).

Support information

At Blackpool Sixth we make it our top priority to make sure that all our students receive the support they need to succeed and thrive at college.  In the sections below there is some key information about different types of support which we would like you to be aware of when you are enrolling.

Additional learning support (ALS)

Blackpool Sixth provides support for students who have special educational needs and/or disabilities. We provide support to students with a variety of needs, including mobility and wheelchair access, visual/hearing impairment, dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism spectrum conditions, mental health and medical conditions. 

All students who disclose an additional need as part of the application or enrolment process have already/will be contacted by a member of the ALS team to discuss their needs and how we can best support them. If you have disclosed an additional need and have not yet been contacted by a member of the ALS team then expect a call. 

Financial support – bursaries

If you choose to study at Blackpool Sixth, we will do everything possible to support you. There is a variety of financial support available to you during your time studying with us.

Below is a brief description of the different types of bursaries that you could be entitled to:

What is a bursary?

The bursary is financial support that you can use to support your education at college. Financial support is government money administered by the college to help and support 16-19 year old students in further education. The fund is to support students, particularly those who are economically or socially disadvantaged with course-related costs.

There are 3 parts to the financial support available to students: 

Bursary A (vulnerable bursary) – available to specific vulnerable groups

Bursary B (free meal discretionary bursary) – benefits based

Bursary C (discretionary bursary only) – based on household income

All applications for the college bursary are made online. You must provide evidence of all income sources or benefit(s) you or your parent(s)/carer(s) receive. You will not be able to complete an online bursary application without this evidence. 

For more detailed information on the different types of financial support available and to see if you are eligible, please click on the following link:   

Transport support

Start your new journey with us at Blackpool Sixth by taking advantage of our subsidised transport options. Blackpool Sixth recognises that the cost of transport is a concern for some young people and their families.

Our subsidised transport schemes not only help with transport costs to and from college but could also provide unlimited travel throughout the day, including evenings, weekends and during the college holidays. More information about the different subsidised transport options available through the college are below:

Transport provider Subsidised price

Blackpool Transport Digital Smart Card 

• valid 7 days a week & during holidays 

• receive July & August travel for free* 

Covers the following areas: 

Blackpool, Fleetwood, Thornton-Cleveleys, Bispham, Over Wyre & Lytham St. Annes 

*providing consecutive payments are made with no missed months from the month of introduction to June 2021


Monthly instalments of £40

(£40 per month from the month of 

introduction to June 2021)

Equivalent monthly Blackpool Transport ticket priced at £47.50 for a 30 day 16-21 young person ticket when purchased directly on a Blackpool Transport bus

Blackpool Sixth recommends students download the Blackpool Transport App and purchase Young Person Tickets directly from the app until the above offer with the college becomes available. This offers students the flexibility to choose daily passes, 5 individual passes, weekly passes or 30 day passes, which works out cheaper than making the purchase on the bus. 

Stagecoach • valid 7 days a week & during holidays 

• receive July & August travel for free 

Covers the following areas: 

Lancaster, Garstang, Poulton, Blackpool and Preston 

10 x monthly instalments of £40 Equivalent monthly Stagecoach ticket priced at £109.00 for a 28 day North West 4 week Megarider when purchased directly from Stagecoach
Blackpool Sixth College Bus • services run twice a day (once in the morning to college and once in reverse after college finishes) 

Lytham bus covers the following area:  

Lytham St. Annes 

Kirkham bus covers the following areas: Freckleton, Warton, Wrea Green, Kirkham, Wesham, Elswick and Great Eccleston 

Deposit of £20 to be paid at collection and refunded at the end of the academic year 

For more detailed information on the different types of transport support available, please click on the following link:

Cashless catering

The college catering system integrates with ParentPay to enable you to use your college membership card to pay for food/drink in the various catering outlets across college. You will be issued a letter after enrolment with instructions on how to set up ParentPay to use your card if you would like to do so. The catering outlets also accept cash and card payments.

Membership Cards (Student Services)

Access to Blackpool Sixth is via a number of access controlled entrances operated by membership cards. All staff and students must wear their membership card visibly on a Blackpool Sixth lanyard around their neck whilst on the college site, in lessons and examinations, when using college facilities or when taking part in college activities. This helps us to ensure the safety of all members of the college and to confirm that only recognised visitors are welcomed onto the site.

During the induction day for new students on Tuesday 1st September, all new students will receive a lanyard and temporary membership card. Students will receive their permanent membership card, which will include a photo, during their first Pastoral Mentor session. Pastoral Mentor sessions will begin from Monday 7th September. 

Specific information for students intending to study BTEC Level 3 Health and Social Care 

If you are studying towards a health and social care course it is a mandatory requirement that you undertake work placements. In order to complete any work placement you need an enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check. A DBS check costs £40 which needs to be paid by the student. More information on how and when to pay will be available at enrolment and during the first weeks at college. In addition to this you will need to ensure that you: find 3 forms of ID (please visit the website and search ‘DBS ID documents’ or scan the QR code left) ✝have these ready for the first 2 weeks of your course when you will be asked to bring them in and fill out the DBS form, which college will provide. 

Essential Information

Please follow this link for a detailed listing of key information about Blackpool Sixth, covering topics such as study programmes, timetables, equipment requirements for different subjects.

Technology for Learning

We are asking all students to bring in their own laptop or tablet to their lessons. We feel that having a device in lessons will help us cover material more efficiently in a more meaningful and enjoyable way. It will give us the flexibility to blend traditional learning with online work so that whatever the circumstances, students have access to the best possible experience.

All students will be granted access to our online learning platforms which include the tools they need to complete work digitally and unlimited cloud-based storage for all their files.

We actively encourage students bringing their own laptop or tablet but please be aware of the following key advice: 

  • Students must be able to use/install (free and secure) software on their device and access wifi settings.  
  • Students must have appropriate free space on the device to store and create work for class (remember – we provide unlimited cloud-based storage, so that doesn’t need to be a lot) 
  • The device should have a screen size of a minimum of 7″ – tablet devices should be paired with a keyboard case. 
  • Some low-cost tablets (e.g. some Kindle Fire devices) or older laptop browsers may be incompatible with certain apps we require students to use. (in particular the ‘Google Apps Suite’ – Google Drive, Docs, Classroom, Slides, Sheets.)
  • We don’t include phones as appropriate devices
  • We highly recommend devices are covered by insurance

Any student who is struggling to pay for the costs of a device can apply for support through the college bursary scheme or the access fund. Applications will be assessed based on household income and the needs of each student.

We strongly advise that any new devices are purchased after enrolment to college is confirmed and final course choices are made.

Further details of the ‘Technology Ready Scheme’ can be found via this link. You can also find an enquiry form for any questions you may have or advice you may need. 

Starting college

All new students will start college on Tuesday 1st September for their induction day. Students will be invited into college in three groups for a two-hour induction with an induction tutor. 

The induction day will cover all the key information a student needs to begin their studies at Blackpool Sixth:

  • Essential information
  • Setting up college online systems
  • Getting to know the college campus
  • Receiving your temporary college membership card

Normal timetable for new students will commence from Wednesday 2nd September, when they will have the chance to meet their classmates and teachers. 

Further induction information and activities will be delivered through the student’s weekly Pastoral Mentor session. For example, receiving your permanent membership card. Pastoral Mentor sessions will commence from Monday 7th September.

Term dates 2020-21

Tuesday 1st September – Friday 4th September – Induction Days for all new students (see here for more information).

Monday 7th September – Normal timetable commences for all students

Friday 16th October – College closes for public/students for October half term

Monday 2nd November – College timetable recommences

Thursday 17th December – Students finish for Christmas 

Monday 4th January – College opens for spring term

Friday 12th February  – College closes for public/students for February half term

Monday 22nd February – College timetable recommences

Wednesday 17th March – Staff only day  (no students in college)

Friday 26th March – Students finish for Easter

Monday 12th April – College opens for summer term

Monday 3rd May – May Day Bank Holiday

Friday 28th May – College finishes for May half term

Monday 7th June – College timetable recommences

Wednesday 30th June  – Students finish for summer

Losing vital days/weeks of study has been shown to result in students underperforming in both exams and in BTEC coursework. Blackpool Sixth therefore has a responsibility to ensure students achieve their full potential and maximise their employability skills/life chances by avoiding unnecessary periods of absence. 

Blackpool Sixth expects students’ college work to take priority. This means that other activities should be arranged outside of their college commitments, for example, all holidays must be taken outside of term time. It is recognised that there may be very rare occasions where a student may require a leave of absence from college due to significant extenuating circumstances. In this scenario a special leave application must be submitted to the Principal. For further information regarding special leave please contact the college on

Our special leave policy is available at

Start Time

12:00 pm

August 20, 2020

Finish Time

4:00 pm

August 24, 2020


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