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Supporting your child's journey to Blackpool Sixth

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Supporting your child's next steps.

Welcome to our page dedicated to parents and carers who want to support their children's journey to college! As a parent or carer, you play a vital role in your child's education and we are here to help you navigate the process of preparing your child for college.

We understand that this process can be overwhelming and confusing, but we are here to provide you with resources and information to make it easier for you and your child. From exploring college options to understanding financial aid, we have got you covered.

We encourage you to start by having open and honest conversations with your child about their interests and goals. This will help you both identify the best college options for them.

When it comes to financial aid, we will provide you with information on how to apply for bursaries and travel passes. We can also help you understand the different types of financial aid available and how to best utilise them.

We are committed to supporting you and your child on this journey to college. Let's work together to ensure your child's success!

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Financial support


Applications open from September 2023 and will close in March 2024. We would encourage you to apply to Blackpool Sixth as soon as you can once you are in Year 11 and it is best to apply before Christmas. You will receive plenty of help on how to apply.


Reasons to apply early

At the end of June and in early July, we will give your child access to their application form via the 'Enrolment Gateway' as we call it.

We ask that every applicant:

  • checks all details very carefully to ensure that we hold accurate records on each student
  • uploads a 'passport-style' photograph of themselves - taken on a phone - for their ID card (full instructions will be provided)
  • uploads evidence of their ID - usually a photograph of a passport or long birth certificate (full instructions will be provided)

GCSE Results Day 22nd August 2024

Each student should 

  • upload a photograph of their results sheet as soon as possible with their name, subjects and grades visible
  • confirm their subject choices by 'ticking the box' or requesting alternative subject(s) where appropriate
  • await confirmation of the enrolment - there is no need for a student to attend college in person unless specifically asked or arranged to do so
  • if necessary, a member of the college staff will telephone the student to discuss any issues concerning the enrolment
  • if the results are not as hoped/expected, a member of the college staff will telephone the student to discuss alternative options
  • please use the Enrolment Hotline if you feel the need to contact the college

If you know that you are going to be away for the enrolment days - don't panic! It is not essential that each student is available in person to enrol, but please ensure that:

  • your child can access their results on the morning of 22nd August. The results can be collected in person or sent electronically by the school.
  • if your child cannot pick up their results in person, then you should contact the school beforehand to arrange an alternative means of accessing the results
  • the college receives the evidence of the results on Thursday 22nd August
  • where possible, your child is available by phone for a discussion, if necessary

An email will be sent to the student's, and email address confirming the enrolment. Each student will receive a phone call in the days after enrolment to check all is well. 

Induction will take place on either Tuesday 3rd or Wednesday 4th September. If the student is not able to attend on one of these dates please let the college know after enrolment.

Timetables should be available on Friday 6th September.

Term begins on Monday 9th September.

If your child believes, after they have started their lessons, that they have chosen the wrong subject(s) and they would wish to change, this can be done up until Friday 27th September.The student should speak, in the first instance, to their Progress Mentor.Subject changes are dependent on there being room in the 'new' subject. Subject changes after 27th September are rarely permitted.

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