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The excellence programme

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Blackpool Sixth’s Excellence Programme has been specially created to support our most academically able students in their studies and prepare them for entry to the country’s top universities.

As an Excellence Programme student, you will take part in an exciting and challenging programme, designed to help you to meet your aspirations and succeed to the very best of your ability.

What does the Excellence Programme involve?

  • 6Advance – A fantastic range of ‘academies’ that offer you the chance to develop extra skills outside of your core study programme. Academies such as the Medical Society and the Social Sciences Research Academy enable ambitious students to prepare for highly competitive careers.
  • EPQ – The Extended Project Qualification enables you to undertake your own independent research project and gain a qualification that is highly valued by universities.
  • Prestigious Universities – All Excellence Programme students will receive individual support in the application process to the most selective universities, including Oxford, Cambridge and the elite Russell Group institutions.  Blackpool Sixth has a proven record of students gaining highly competitive places. 

Preparation will involve:

  • Your own dedicated pastoral mentor
  • Organised visits / conferences including the country’s leading universities
  • Guest talks / lectures from academic speakers
  • Workshops on personal statements, interviews and entry exams
  • University access programmes, including the Cambridge HE+ scheme

Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths Excellence

  • Specific support for medical, dentistry and veterinary school applications including help with BMAT / UKCAT and other entrance tests
  • Brilliant extension programme in physics through the Ogden Trust – regular success in Physicist of the Year competitions
  • Thriving and highly successful Further Maths courseSupport for MAT and STEP papers for Oxbridge/Russell group applications in Maths-based subjects.

How do I gain a place on the excellence programme?

Entry to the programme will be based on your GCSE examination results. You will need to have an average of a 7 from your academic GCSE courses to be considered. You will be informed after enrolment whether or not you have been selected for the programme.

For more information or queries, please contact Peter Wright, Head of The Excellence Programme, or contact the Admissions Team on or 01253 394911.

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