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Staff Representative, Julie Halliwell, alongside group student leaders (appointed each year to maintain continuity of the group) work closely as a team to plan sessions and events. Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings, you don’t have to identify as LGBT+ – allies are welcome too!

How the group started

The LGBT Group was set up by a former student who wanted to improve how the LGBT+ community was represented in College. When it was created it only started as a small group of students. However, over the past years the group and community has grown and is now part of the 6extra programme so every student has the opportunity to join.

Aims of the group:

  • Provide a safe place for anyone who identifies as LGBT+
  • Promote inclusion and equality and diversity
  • Raise awareness throughout College
  • Give support to the LGBT+ community
  • Meet new people and form friendships
  • Signpost to local organisations


We choose 3 main events in the LGBT calendar and we work towards those in the sessions.

  • National Coming Out Day – October 11th – information leaflets in Learning Resource Centre; signposting to local organisations.
  • February LGBT* History Month – celebrated by raising awareness in College.
  • Show Your Pride Day! – usually in April. This is a fundraiser event when we have music, cakes, merchandise, photo booths, and information stalls.

what our students say

‘My favourite thing about the LGBT group is that it has allowed me to make new friends and has also allowed me to express myself and my identity. It is an important part of the college as it helps you to learn about the different bits of culture and identities that are within the LGBTQ+ community.’

‘Allows me to talk with people who identify with me about issues I may not otherwise be able to discuss with anyone else.’

‘Teaches us about important LGBTQ+ history which we wouldn’t be taught otherwise.’

‘A place to socialise with people who have things in common.’

‘An all inclusive group to socialise and support each other.’ 

‘Important charity work is organised with students’ help.’

Rainbow Reads

All books are available to borrow from the Fyi.

The Queeriodic Table By Harriet Dyer

An in depth book that explains the LGBT+ community and some of the challenges they have faced, along with some celebrities and LGBT idols. This book gives a great definition for many of the different sexualities and genders that are commonly mentioned in the LGBT community. A good book to read for all that want to understand more about LGBT+ culture.

Symptoms of Being Human By Jeff Garvin

A debut novel telling the story of a young gender-fluid teen and their experiences with high school, relationships, friendships and the difficulty in coming out to parents. There are not many books that realistically illustrate what life is like for a genderfluid person, so this is a recommended read.

The Madonna of Bolton By Matt Cain

This book is centred around a gay man, living in Bolton who discovers the joy of Madonna. Through his idol he finds himself and comes to terms with his sexuality. I’m not a book person but I found this highly addictive. And I loved discovering the work of Madonna alongside reading the book. Whether you identify as LGBT+ or not this is a fantastic story about a guy that loves Madonna.

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