Blackpool Sixth Student Triumphs: Elected as Member of Youth Parliament for Blackpool

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We're thrilled to announce that Blackpool Sixth student Luke Marwood, has been elected as the newest Member of the Youth Parliament (MYP) for Blackpool!

With a total of 1907 votes cast, Luke emerged victorious, winning the majority and securing a significant mandate from our community.

Luke's manifesto, "Secure our streets, Shape our future: Tackling Anti-Social behaviour Head-on," resonated deeply with voters, promising a proactive approach to addressing issues affecting our youth. Here's a glimpse of what Luke stands for:

  • Engaging with Local Authorities: Building strong relationships with local police and community leaders to collaboratively address anti-social behavior.
  • Implementing Preventive Programs: Campaigning for evidence-based preventive programs tailored to our community's needs.
  • Youth Voices Matter: Advocating for lowering the voting age to 16 in local elections, empowering young people to have a direct say in their future.
  • Clearing the Air: Supporting the ban on disposable vapes to ensure the well-being of our youth and environment.

As your MYP, Luke pledges to work tirelessly to create a Blackpool where everyone feels proud, safe, and connected.

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