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Discover Your Passion with Taster Sessions at Blackpool Sixth

Taster sessions are designed to give Year 11 students the chance to find out more about the courses offered at Blackpool Sixth. Experience how different subjects are taught and assessed and discover the range of career opportunities that they offer.

Taster sessions are an applicant only event, apply now to participate in a variety of subjects before making your final decision on which courses to take at Blackpool Sixth.

  • Applicant only event
  • Find out more about the courses we offer
  • Choose from a range of subjects
  • Experience sample lessons
  • Learn about career opportunities

Saturday 16th March 2024

10:30 am to 1:00 pm

Wednesday 27th March 2024

4:10 pm to 5:10 pm


Applicants will have now received their booking form via email, or you can book using the links above.

To book your place you will need your applicant number, which you can get by emailing:


What is the difference between the two dates?

The taster sessions on Saturday 16th and Wednesday 27th of March will offer the same subject content. So if you attend a computer science taster on Saturday the 16th the same session will be taught on Wednesday the 27th.

Saturday offers the opportunity to have two different subject taster sessions. Wednesday offers only one subject taster session.

How to make the most of taster sessions?

We would always recommend sampling all your intended subjects, to allow you to make informed decisions about your course choice for September. We understand that this is not always possible, some people will have work commitments on Saturdays, and some people might have after-school revision sessions, but with this in mind, we try to allow you to book in advance in case other arrangements can be made. 

Tasters form an essential part of the application and you should attend as many taster sessions as possible. Tasters held on our New Student Day in July are designed to further deepen your knowledge and build on your experience in the March Taster series.

You might be struggling to decide between course choices, now is the ideal time to research your subjects. If you find there are any changes to be made to your application our last Open Event of the year in April will help you get the additional information you may need.

Taster day feedback

What did you enjoy most about the experience?

"I got to experience subjects that I haven’t studied in high school"

"I really enjoyed looking around the college and getting a good feel of what life is like at Blackpool Sixth. The subjects I chose gave me an understanding as to what the course is about."

"I really enjoyed the tasks that were given to us and I think it gave me a real taste for what I’m going to be doing in the course I want to take"

"Very informative. Clear directions from staff and overall very fun"

"Finding my way from lesson to lesson and being able to see people I hadn't seen in a while and meeting new people"

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