Science A Level For 16-19 Year Olds

A Level Environmental Science

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A Level Environmental science is the study of our planet, it will consider the impact that humans have and how living a more sustainable lifestyle will lessen the threat to the environment, It enables the development of many transferable skills including problem-solving, researching, and evaluating information and analysing data.



Grade 4 in GCSE Maths plus grade 5 and 5 from GCSE Combined Science.

Why study A Level Environmental Science at Blackpool Sixth?

Teaching from caring, supportive, and approachable staff. A structured course with high-quality resources, and regular assessments so students can track their progress. The college has a very dynamic environmental group, Eco Action, and is working towards Green Flag status through the Eco Schools programme. Further enrichment activities offered within the Science department include the Science Club and the Medical Society. Our students are highly motivated and go on to study a wide range of science and environment-related university courses.

How will I be taught?

Combination of classroom teaching, practical assignments, and group work.
You will be asked to complete individual and group work activities to enable you to develop your understanding.

Teacher expertise

A team of teachers with 10-25 years experience. Between us, we have degrees in a wide range of specialisms, including applied and environmental biology, marine biology, chemistry, and physics. Many of our team have research experience and higher degrees.

What skills will I develop?

You will develop debating skills and participate in topical discussions, you will be able to structure well-balanced arguments and use data from different sources to analyse results

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How will I be assessed?

100% exam with 2 papers (3 hours each) at the end of year 2.

You will be required to undertake at least two days of fieldwork. 15% of the overall assessment in the written papers will assess knowledge, skills and understanding in relation to practical work

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What will you study and other information about A Level Environmental Science

Where does it lead?

Possible university courses include ecology and wildlife conservation, environmental science, agriculture, geography, geology or climatology, and geobiology.

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