BTEC LEVEL 2 for 16-19 Year Olds


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This course equips learners with essential skills to enhance their personal growth journey, covering areas such as emotional intelligence, self-awareness, resilience, and healthy lifestyle choices. Through practical exercises and theoretical insights, students delve into understanding their own strengths, weaknesses, and motivations, fostering a positive mindset and proactive approach to life challenges.



To join the Foundation Programme you will need 4 GCSEs at grade 3 (or equivalent).

Why study Personal Growth and Wellbeing at Blackpool Sixth?

This course helps you develop key skills in emotional intelligence, self-awareness, resilience, and healthy living. Through practical exercises and theory, you'll understand your strengths and motivations, fostering a positive and proactive mindset. Experienced teachers will guide you, supporting your growth and progression to further education and job opportunities.

How will I be taught?

  • This course is broken down into 5 units which will be taught and completed over the year.
  • You will be taught through up-to-date and detailed live case studies.
  • You will work closely with other students and peer assess and peer teach one another.
  • All work will be produced, stored and submitted digitally via Google Drive.

Teacher expertise

You will be taught by experienced teachers. The teachers have taught on our Level 2 provision for a number of years and support students development to access further education and jobs.

What skills will I develop?

  • Research
  • Self-reflection
  • Communication
  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Personal
  • Numerical
  • Planning
  • Personal social
  • Managing information
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How will I be assessed?


  • 100% Coursework
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What will you study and other information about BTEC LEVEL 2 Personal Growth and Wellbeing

Where does it lead?

This prepares learners for further learning at a higher level and potential access to work. The development of personal skills and the generic approach of the qualifications mean that learners may choose a study programme that focuses on particular areas of interest). However, the skills learned in this course will help prepare you for a wide variety of further study.

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