The pupils have been learning Latin as part of a ‘Classics Hub’ project led by Blackpool Sixth.  Over 700 primary pupils are now involved in the project across the Fylde Coast.

The project’s coordinator, Peter Wright, who teaches ancient history at Blackpool Sixth commented, “This project enables primary pupils to improve their literacy and communication skills across the whole curriculum – from grammar to modern languages. The research conducted in Blackpool schools, and recently published in Expanding Classics, clearly demonstrates that Latin can be a powerful tool to boost English vocabulary, develop oracy in the classroom, and positively promote and develop the learning of languages.”

Theresa Donnelly, Languages Lead at St. John’s, described the benefits of learning Latin for the pupils, “The children at St John’s benefit from Latin in so many ways. It strengthens their literacy skills and boosts vocabulary. They love playing detectives and finding the links between Latin and English words. We’ve noticed it helps their science vocabulary through understanding word roots and etymology. It is great fun! Latin gives them a chance to shine on the stage showing off their talents in another language and gives them a good grounding for learning other languages.’