In a significant achievement, Tasha Stenton, a dedicated student from Blackpool Sixth, is set to embark on an exciting journey with a two-year soccer scholarship at Central Wyoming College. Joining the esteemed Division 1 women's soccer team in the NJCAA, Tasha will simultaneously pursue a degree in New Media, aligning her academic and athletic pursuits.

Currently immersed in A Level Photography and Double BTEC Film and TV Production at Blackpool Sixth, Tasha has showcased her versatility and commitment to both sports and academics. Riverton, Wyoming, will soon become her new home as she embraces the challenges and opportunities presented by collegiate soccer and rigorous coursework.

Tasha's decision to balance her passion for soccer with studies in New Media reflects her determination to excel in multiple arenas. Central Wyoming College, renowned for its dedication to both athletic and academic excellence, is poised to witness Tasha's growth and contributions over the next two years.

Photos by Tim Brice Photography