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Podcast Episodes

  • Thrive Episode 1: What is wellbeing?

This is the first in a series of podcasts produced as part of the Thrive project at Blackpool Sixth. Thrive aims to help students, staff and the college’s wider community with strategies to boost their mental and physical wellbeing. In this first podcast, Blackpool Sixth staff members Dave Williams and Steve Legge discuss what wellbeing means to them.  They suggest some tried and tested ideas for you to try in your day-to-day life.  

  • Thrive Episode 2: Responding to Lockdown

In this second of the Thrive series of podcasts, Blackpool Sixth students Amy and Aaron talk to Deputy Principal, Gail Yeadon, about their experiences in 2020, a year dominated by the Covid pandemic.  They talk about how they coped in their studies and their lives outside college in such strange and difficult circumstances.  They also pass on some inspiring tips and advice about how to stay positive and boost wellbeing in these challenging times. 

  • Thrive Episode 3: Virtual Fatigue

In this third episode of Blackpool Sixth’s podcast series on wellbeing, drama teacher and technology for learning lead Matt Jones talks about how the constant bombardment of social media and other technology can put a strain on our mental health.  In this entertaining and informative episode, Matt suggests ways in which we can keep technology in its place and not let it take over our lives. This is essential listening for our modern age. Enjoy!

  • Thrive Episode 4: Self-care

In this fourth episode of our Thrive series, Blackpool Sixth teachers Clair and Rob talk about how they maintain their own well-being with a variety of simple-to-use strategies.  They discuss how simple everyday activities such as a short walk or listening to your favourite music can help you boost your mood.  They also recommend some mini-challenges which can help get you moving and feeling much more positive during difficult times such as the current ‘lockdown’. 

  • Thrive Episode 5: Wellbeing Survey Feedback

In this episode, Blackpool Sixth staff members Alex and Dave review the results of the college’s recent student wellbeing survey. They share what students say they are finding most helpful in terms of boosting their mental and physical health during these challenging times. Please see the Thrive web resource for a wide variety of ideas, resources and inspiration for wellbeing.

  • Thrive Episode 6: Sleep and Healthy Eating

In this episode health and social care teachers Laurissa and Jodie, both with nursing backgrounds, explore the impact the current ‘lockdown’ may be having on those crucial elements of wellbeing: good sleep and healthy eating.  They are joined by current health and social care student, Emily, and offer some excellent ‘self-care’ tips to help improve sleeping and eating habits.

  • Thrive Episode 7: Art and Wellbeing

In this episode, Elaine, our Head of Visual Arts and our library manager, Helen, discuss how art of all kinds can provide a great boost to wellbeing whether we are creating something new or appreciating what others have produced.  The episode also emphasises the importance of finding joy in your interests and studies and not being afraid to show off what you know and what you can do.