Welcome to the parents' and carers' section of our online experience resource. Below you will find a selection of videos covering important topics and providing views from parents/carers and from current and former students.


This page contains important information for parents/carers of prospective students. Please find the resources below, and click here to return to the portal selection.  Please email admissions@blackpoolsixth.ac.uk if you have any questions about the college and our courses. 

Our Resources

A parent/carer view

Deborah, whose son completed his studies at Blackpool Sixth last year, tells us about her experience of the college and how we supported her son to achieve more than he thought he could.

A parent/carer view

Nicola, whose son joined the college in September talks about her experience of the college and the support her son received for his transition to Blackpool Sixth.  She reflects on the way the college has dealt with the ongoing Covid restrictions and how college staff have helped her son to get the most out of his sixth form studies at this challenging time. 

A current student view

Listen to current student, Amy, talking about her experiences of Blackpool Sixth. Amy talks particularly about the support for learning provided by college staff, including the provision of online learning during the Coronavirus ‘lockdowns’.

Choosing study programmes and courses - the Blackpool Sixth curriculum

In this video, Assistant Principal (Vocational) Tina Cooper gives an overview of the college curriculum and explains how students can put together a study programme to meet their individual needs and future plans.  She is joined by Peter Wright, Excellence Programme Lead, who talks about the college’s specific provision for academic high fliers. This talk was first made for the September Open Day and includes a recorded Q&A session at the end where Tina and Peter answer some commonly asked questions about our curriculum choices.

Supporting students at Blackpool Sixth

This video covers the wide range of in-depth individualised support we provide our students, Deputy Head of Student Services, Nicola Threlfall talks about our Pastoral Mentors and their central role in supporting students and being a key point of contact for parents and carers. The video also outlines the financial and transport support available to students. 

Additional Learning Support

In this video, Head of Additional Learning Support, David Williams, explains the college’s very extensive provision for students who require some additional help with their learning.

Learning Resources and Extra-curricular programmes

In this video, Head of Learning Resources and Careers, Debbi Hodson, talks about the college’s award-winning learning facilities and resources.  The talk also includes some details of the 6Xtra programme which helps build students’ wider skills. 

Building Futures - students' choices after college

This talk by our Head of Student Services, Tom Holland, gives an important overview of the main choices students have about what to do when they finish college such as university, higher apprenticeships, employment with training and gap years.  This is something we encourage students to think about as early as possible and the video discusses the ways in which we help students make the right choice for them and support them with their applications, interviews and other selection processes.

Careers - developing character and employability skills

This video is designed to help with understanding how students can go about planning their careers.  It also covers how we support our students to develop the essential skills they need to make good career choices and make a great success of whatever they choose. 



Joining Blackpool Sixth

In this talk members of the Admissions and Liaison team go through the college’s admissions process from application to enrolment.  This talk was produced for the November open event and includes a pre-recorded Q&A session, covering mainly of the most common questions we receive about our admissions processes and about the college more generally. 

Former student view - Suny

Former Blackpool Sixth student, Suny talks about her experiences of college and gives some important and inspiring advice for current Year 11 students. 

Current student view - Harry

Current student Harry, who is taking a combined study programme of 2 A levels and a vocational course, talks about his experiences of choosing his courses and joining the college.

Maya talks about the value of the extra-curricular programme provided by the college, in her case, the Eco Action group and the Student Council.  She also provides excellent advice for prospective students about getting themselves ready for sixth form study.

Listen to some former students from one of our award-winning BTEC courses, Sports and Exercise Science, talk about their experience of this vocational course and of the college in general.